Artwork Questions

Does Breakmark decorate our gear?

Yes, whether its silk screening, embroidery or sublimation, we can decorate your gear that you buy through Breakmark. But we do not accept other company’s goods to decorate.

Read more about Printing Processes

How should we send Breakmark our artwork?

The best way to provide art is to either email your art to your sales rep, or upload it through our site.

Will this artwork work?

Artwork needs to be in a vector format. Please make sure that it is created as a vector, and not just saved as an illustrator or .eps file. If you send us a 2” x 2” image, but want it 8” x 8” and we expand non-vector artwork, then it will become pixelated and result in a pixelated print. We will check your art before we mock it up and make you aware if there is an issue.
We do offer affordable graphic design services, and our talented designers can help recreate, or fix art if need be. See below for rates.

Can we use a specific font for our design?

When screen printing, we can use your font for your logo, words in your logo or names as long as you typeset and outline the fonts or send us the font file. Numbers are a block font, and can not be customized for screen printing on jerseys.
When sublimating, we can use your font for your logo, words in your logo, names and numbers as long as you typeset and outline the fonts and send us the font file.

Can we customize names and numbers?

You can have custom names and numbers on your gear, no problem.
When Silk Screening your gear, names can be customized for $10 per name, per jersey, or per side on a reversible. We can offer individual numbers on most products for $3.50 per a 1 or 2 digit number.
With sublimation, we can customize names and numbers and there is usually no additional cost for this. The exception is if you have a 3rd or 4th location for spot sublimation, and it’s not already included in the price.

Does Breakmark Provide Artwork Assistance?

We sure do! Free art time breaks down as follows:
Screen Print Gear: Twenty Minutes
Spot Sub Gear: Forty Minutes
Full Sub Gear: Sixty Minutes
This free time is usually more than enough to clean up art, or help get a custom design put together. However, if you need more time, our rates are very affordable. We charge $50/hour, and round to the nearest quarter hour. If your design takes an additional 1 hour and 34 minutes, you would be charged for 1 hour and 45 minutes, or $87.50

Shipping Questions

How long does it take for my Breakmark Online purchase to ship?

For all purchases through our online store, please allow approximately Seven to Ten business days for processing and shipping if you are inside the Continental US. Please inquire about foreign purchases.

How long will the shipping take for my team order?

Shipping timelines for team orders depends on where you are. We provide FREE GROUND shipping on all orders within the Continental US. We are located just north of Boston, Ma. Surrounding states should receive their team gear orders within a day or two after shipping. West coast teams may take up to 5 – 7 business days to receive their gear via ground shipping. Please note that unless otherwise specified by the team, most packages will have a signature required to be delivered. We must know one week before your order is set to ship if you want waive the signature.

Teams can opt to expedite shipping, and would be responsible for the cost of expedited shipping. Payment for expedited shipping must be received in advance.

Can we ship our team gear order to Canada? Overseas?

Yes, we would be happy to ship anywhere you’d like. Your team will be responsible for the shipping costs to the specified country, including all duties, tariffs, taxes, brokerage and other fees associated with the exporting of goods out of the USA and importing of goods into your specified country. We will keep your credit card on file until these fees are worked out so that we can make sure everything is paid for in full.

Can our team gear order be rushed? We need our gear yesterday!

Please get in touch if you need an order rushed. It depends on the type of gear, the size of the order, and time of the year. Rush orders will incur a minimum of a  25% up-charge, and the team will be responsible for paying for expedited shipping charges as well.

Return Policy

What is Breakmarks return policy?

We do not accept returns for custom goods that are created based on the order that you provided to us.

If you order a product from our Online Store, and it’s the wrong size, we will be happy to exchange it for you as long as it is not worn, stained, or have any defects. You will be responsible for the shipping to us and back to you.

If you receive a purchase from our Online Store, and decide you don’t really love it, you can ship that item back to us and receive a credit for the full amount you paid for the jersey, minus the shipping costs.

Taking Care Of Your Gear

Can I put my gear through the dryer?


We do not recommend putting any of your gear through the dryer. All of our moisture management materials are meant to dry quickly and should be able to be hung on a line to dry. Drying Moisture Wicking gear will over time eat away at those moisture wicking properties, as well as set you up for the potential of your silk screened designs/names/#s to start start peeling or melting. Sweatshirts will lose their fleecey feeling if you put them through the dryer. So please do not put your gear through the dryer. We will not replace products that have been dried and ruined.

Team Order Process Questions

I am hoping to get some pricing for a team gear order, how do I do this?

Basic pricing can be found on all of our team apparel product pages.  If you are uncertain of pricing for any of our team apparel, or there is something your team was interested in ordering but did not see in our team apparel store, please contact sales @ breakmark . com with your inquiry. If you email us for a quote please be sure to provide us with the following information:

1. What item your team is interested in

2. Preferred decoration method(Silk screening, embroidery, sublimation)

3. How many colors your logo(s) will be as well as where they will be placed

4. Quantities of the specific item(s) you will be ordering

5. When you NEED your gear by

6. Where your team is located

Can I create a custom package for my team?

Yes, of course. We would be happy to customize a package based exactly on what your team is interested in purchasing. We will also work with you to make you aware of the ways that you can save money when you create these packages.

Can we get samples?

Getting samples is very easy, and in our eyes, a VERY good idea! We strive to make our teams look better than they thought possible, and that means we want our gear to fit you! To ensure everyone gets their jersey in the proper size we HIGHLY encourage teams to call for samples. Here is how to do it.

1. Get in touch with your sales rep and let them know what gear you needed and in what sizes

2. You make a FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit to our paypal account, sales @ breakmark . com ($30/Full Sub jerseys or shorts, $10/Silk Screened jerseys or shorts, inquire about other items)

3. When the team receives samples, you have 14 business days to have everyone on the team try on gear before we request you send them back to us. We pay to ship samples to you, you cover the cost of shipping back to us.

4. Upon receipt of samples, Breakmark will refund your deposit!

My team is small, and I’m not sure we will be able to meet your minimum. Can we still order?

Of course! We would never turn down a team from being able to work with Breakmark! For most items, pricing is based with the minimum quantity being 12 units, per item. For smaller quantities, please use the contact form on the item that you are interested in ordering and get in touch with us for pricing.

When does my order start?

Custom Team Orders begin when we have all your contact information (name, #, email and ship to address), product information (sizes and quantities of what you are ordering), approved artwork and payment in full. We need all of these things for an order to start. If we have payment, but no artwork or sizing information, your order is not yet started.

How long will my team gear order take to process?

Production times vary, depending on what you are ordering.

  • Screened Value Gear and most screened hoodies* and jackets* are approximately 15 business days from start to ship
  • Hats are approximately 15 business days from start to ship, whether it is silk screen, embroidery or 3D puff embroidery
  • Spot Sublimated Value jerseys that are solid colors are approximately 15 business days from start to ship.
  • Fully sublimated cut and sew gear takes approximately 25 business days from start to ship.

*Note, if you are screening hoodies or jackets and adding embroidered names/#s, this can add approximately five to seven business days to the production time.


I made a mistake and need to change something in my team gear order, is this possible?

For the most part, in order to ensure that we meet your deadlines, we will not be able to accept changes in orders. If it’s a scenario where you wrote the wrong number, but the sizing information is the same, then as long as we haven’t decorated the products yet, we can most likely accommodate the change. But if it’s a change of styles, changes in sizes or additions, it can delay the order. If you absolutely need to make a change, and approve the delivery date being pushed back, we will be happy to do this. Please email us as soon as possible if you think you need to make a change!

We just ordered a few weeks back, and want to reorder. How does this work? Do you keep our artwork?

You would submit a reorder exactly the same way as your initial order. Please make sure you are meeting the minimums. We keep your artwork on file for about 2-4 years on average, from the date of your last order.

What happens if my team order comes in and something is wrong?

Breakmark works very hard to make sure that mistakes don’t happen, but everyone at Breakmark is still only human. We create team gear orders based exactly on the order form that is submitted and the mock ups that teams approve. If a team has a question about anything along the way, whether it’s their order form or colors/placement of logos in a mock up, PLEASE ASK and DO NOT APPROVE ARTWORK until you are completely satisfied and don’t have any questions. If we make a mistake, such as printing a 51 instead of a 15, or if someone ordered a medium and they receive a small, then we will take full responsibility and fix this for you. But if someone sends an order in and decides after receiving their gear that something is the wrong size, or there is a mistake on the order form and someone’s name is misspelled, then we will not accept responsibility for that. PLEASE make sure to double check all order forms and artwork mock ups.

How do I place a team order?

Please contact sales @ breakmark . com, and provide us with the following information:

1. What item(s) your team is interested in

2. Preferred decoration method(Silk screening, embroidery, sublimation)

3. How many colors your logo(s) will be as well as where they will be placed

4. Quantities of the specific item(s) you will be ordering

5. When you NEED your gear by

6. Where your team is located

All of this information will help us to get a quote together for you, and put you in touch with your area sales rep!